How do I place an order ?

You can place your order by calling us:

Tel: 1766 3242
Whatsapp: 3699 4949
Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday 9am – 7pm Thursday | Friday | Saturday 9am – 9pm

Most of our standard cakes can be ready in 24 hours, while some of the menu items would need 48 hours or more; therefore,
please check with the bakery staff on the leading time for your menu choices.

When and where do I pick up my order from?

You can pick up your orders from Haus Bakery, located in Adliya

Opening times for cakes & desserts orders pick up
Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday 10am – 10pm Thursday | Friday | Saturday 10am – 10pm

Opening times for savoury orders pick up
Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday 12:30pm – 10:30 pm Thursday | Friday | Saturday 1pm – 11:30pm

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver to your doorstep.

We deliver to all areas in Bahrain. Delivery charges will vary according to area of delivery.

How do I place a custom order?

Orders can be placed in the bakery or over the phone by calling 1766 3242.

It’s critical to capture the specific details involved in a custom design. Therefore, we won’t be able to take orders through email or voicemail.

For any customized cake order, 15 days in advance is ideal. However, sometimes we can accommodate your orders on shorter notice if our

schedule allows it and we’re not complete for the desired date and time. We will do our best to accommodate last-minute orders.

Do you take card for payment?

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, Benefit Pay Unfortunately, we do not take card for delivery.

Do you have cakes and desserts available for purchase in the store?

We are a full-service bakery with a variety of cakes, pastries and desserts made fresh daily and available for you to purchase depending
on selection and availability.

Please call us at 1766 3242 or WhatsApp 36994949 to check the availability of the dessert.

Do you offer set-up at my event?

Depending on customer requests, we offer stylized set-up of tables for an additional fee. This does not include the application of fresh flowers

or other embellishments that you would like added at the location. Table stylized setup will be done at an extra charge.

Do you operate an allergen-free facility?

We bake the old-fashioned way with extensive use of nuts, flour (gluten) and dairy. We are very careful in our production process to avoid crossover of raw materials. However, since we are not a nut free facility none of our products can be guaranteed as allergen-free

Do you offer any gluten-free or healthy-friendly items?


We are also continually working on new items for both special requests. Please stay tuned for more information on our account.
You may also email or call us for our current selection.